Wiz Khalifa slammed by Colombian mayor for Pablo Escobar tribute

Rapper Wiz Khalifa's recognition of late Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar on social media received an angry response from the country some say Escobar terrorized during the 1980s and 1990s.

Wiz has never kept his marijuana use a secret, and even has is own strain of the drug, marketed from the USA state of Colorado, where marijuana is legal, under the name Khalifa Kush. On Monday, Medellin Mayor Federico Gutiérrez blasted the rapper's tribute, the BBC has reported. The drug lord was buried in the Colombian city of Medellin.

The See You Again artist left flowers and a joint at Escobar's tomb in Medellin on Friday, publishing photos of the homage on Instagram ― and drawing a firestorm of criticism in Colombia.

"It shows that this guy has never had to suffer from the violence inflicted by these drug traffickers", Gutierrez said adding that Wiz should bring flowers to Escobar's victims instead.

Pablo Escobar along with his Medellin cartel are held responsible for around 4,000 killings, which include the bombing of an airliner in which all 107 people on board were killed.

Escobar and his cartel are blamed for thousands of deaths.

For reasons unknown, Wiz Khalifa recently laid flowers on the grave of the notorious gangster and documented the experience with a series of Instagram posts.

Built on corruption, murder and sheer ruthlessness, his empire made him the world's seventh-richest man, until he was killed in a rooftop shootout with police in Medellin in 1993.

  • Larry Hoffman