The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Sneak Peak: Ezekiel Goes to War

It was danced around during Beth's time at the hospital, Shane and Lori had their moment at the CDC, and Maggie was forced to strip down by The Governor, but it was never quite this overt. And when Rick finally defeats Negan, Dwight declares himself leader of the Saviors and tells everyone to go home because the war is over. Maggie, following her father's advice and planting dead parts of a plant elsewhere so they can grow, is at a distance from her supporters and alone with her greatest threat, Gregory. Impressed by her initiative, he offers her a deal.

Do you think Tara did the right thing in "Something They Need?". A few brief scenes from Hilltop were also included and overall I thought this was a good episode.

Numerous characters this episode had poor motivations.

The Hilltop has been in holding pattern for most of season 7B.

Chat more about The Walking Dead here. And a yacht has crashed on a beach, spilling out dozens of barnacled walkers.

We hate to say it, but perhaps it's Eugene (Josh McDermitt), the former Alexandrian who turned to the dark side after a promise of safety by Morgan's big bad. Michonne, up in the trees, warns of walkers coming. "The world can belong to good people-to fair people-if we're just fearless enough to try", Tara insists. Rick raises his pistol and fires a shot into the air, simultaneously serving as a means to summon Negan, as well as becoming the first shot fired in "All-Out War". By the end, Rick gets the guns he wants, Tara gets to walk away feeling morally superior for breaking her word, and, most ridiculous of all, it looks like the women of Oceanside are leaning towards joining the fight. For someone who insisted that she wanted to die for a objective, it is literally a fate worse than death-particularly when David, the Savior tasked with guarding her cell, responds to her humble request for water by demanding sexual favors in return.

Are we supposed to be impressed that Negan has a "No Rape" clause under his roof? So, having simply horrified us by violently killing Abraham and Glenn and torturing Daryl, Sasha, who was just as threatening, had the chance to win Negan's confidence. Negan cares that his people might use rape as a weapon on occasion. Okay, sure. He's all heart. He sends his posse to get Sasha a new t-shirt and unties her. Yes, you are monsters and long-winded boors, to boot. Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers, I say. Maggie has an nearly angelic standing in Hilltop as the resourceful, pregnant widow with patience and compassion for everyone. As yet, it is unclear how Simon will react to Gregory if he shows up there. But hasn't that been clear all season long? Eventually weariness at all the hellishness and hopelessness will overtake us and we'll just give up and the show will blink out of our existence.

Something They Need was a stepping stone episode that I didn't enjoy very much overall.

The first was in the Season 4 finale, "A". And it's hardly showing the Alexandrians in a positive light. We finally saw a return to the Oceanside community, witnessed Sasha's imprisonment at Savior HQ and were reminded that Gregory is a scheming coward at the Hilltop.

When taking him under his wing, Negan also took Dwight's wife Cherry (Christine Evangelista), claiming her as his own, and burned his face - he was given a top spot in Negan's crew, but had to do so without the love of his life. Eugene returns a while later, and he made a decision to grant her request. She could have done that before when she laid in that grave but she didn't, and that was arguably a far bleaker place than she is now.

Meanwhile, Tara and Rick led an unnecessarily shock-and-awe assault against Oceanside to steal a suitable supply of guns. I also really liked Rick's no BS plan to take the guns from Oceanside.

What did you think of "Something They Need"?

  • Salvatore Jensen