Syrian regime threatens to attack Israel with Scud missiles

Israeli airstrikes were reported overnight Tuesday in the Mount Qasioun region near the Syrian capital Damascus.

Katz went on saying that on March 17, "Israeli aircraft delivered an airstrike on several targets in Syria in order to prevent weapons from being delivered to Hezbollah in Lebanon".

Unusually, Israel deployed an Arrow anti-missile system for the first time in a combat situation to shoot down a Syrian missile that entered Israeli airspace.

Syria has a considerable cache of Scud missiles, which it acquired over the years in large part related to their ongoing arms race with Israel.

After Syrian forces fired missiles at Israeli jets returning from airstrikes in the country's ISIS-held eastern side, Syria reportedly issued a stern warning to Israel through their Russian allies - more airstrikes will be met by Scud missile fire in return.

Syria transmitted a message indirectly to Israel threatening to fire Scud missiles against the Jewish state if the IDF continues to strike targets within Syrian territory, according to a report on Saturday in the Lebanese outlet Al-Diyar.

According to Smyth, "the Assad regime has been facilitating advanced weapons transfers to Hezbollah for some time and even during the current conflict", Smyth said, adding that "the worry is that Damascus would transfer a longer range rocket of some sort and then Hezbollah could use it when they needed it".

As far as Syria's ability to carry out such a counterstrike against Israeli targets-there is no doubt that the Assad regime still retains hundreds of Scud derivatives of various origins.

Two days later, Syria's ambassador to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said on state TV that the retaliation was in response to Israel's "terrorist operation". The Tuesday air-strikes follows Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's denial of accusations that Jerusalem was ordered by Moscow to put an end to the strikes.

Following the incidents, Israel threatened to conduct strikes specifically to destroy Syrian anti-air batteries.

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  • Leroy Wright