Rust, React, JavaScript, Python top Stack Overflow survey

Slightly more than 50 percent of respondents had been coding professionally for about five years or fewer, while just 7.5 percent were coding for 20 years or more.

The 2017 report examines all aspects of the developer experience from education backgrounds and career satisfaction to what developers care about when searching for new job opportunities. "This means that proportionally, more developers wanted to continue working with [Rust] than any other language", the report stated.

Stack Overflow is the world's largest online community for programmers where they can learn languages, share code, and help each other.

Stack Overflow also asked developers about which languages they are using, as well as which ones they like and dislike.

Stack Overflow characterized the new study as the "largest developer survey ever conducted". At the higher end of the scale the average Machine learning specialist could enjoy a salary of £56,000, and at the lower end graphic designers were paid £35,000 on average - still 20% above the national average. Only about 7.6% of the developers are women, down from 12% a year ago.

This figure is 24% higher than the mean wage for developers in the British Isles and almost £15,000 more than a mobile developer, according to a global survey of 64,000 developers by Stack Overflow.

This is according to new data from Stack Overflow's annual Developer Hiring Landscape Report, indicating continued strength in the Irish tech ecosystem. For the second year in a row, Rust was the most loved programming language. Developers who work in government and non-profits feel the most underpaid, while those who work in finance feel the most overpaid.

JavaScript-based offerings also fared well in the category of most popular "frameworks, libraries and other technologies", where Node.js and AngularJS were first and second, with React at No. 4.

"Today's developers can earn nearly twice the national average salary despite many of them being self-taught, with only a few years of coding under their belts", says Kevin Troy, director of insights at Stack Overflow. The list of most dreaded languages - the ones developers are now using but want to drop - was headed by Visual Basic 6 (88.3 percent), followed by VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) and CoffeeScript. While only 13.1 percent of developers are actively looking for a job, 75.2 percent of developers are interested in hearing about new job opportunities.

The Stack Overflow "Developer Hiring Landscape Report", discovered that, on average, developers earn 45% above the national average, and Machine learning specialists earn 25% more than the average developer salary. Many developers felt they were underpaid, with 11.6 percent of respondents saying they were greatly underpaid and 44.9 percent believing they were somewhat underpaid.

  • Salvatore Jensen