Runner carries woman to finish line, helps her finish marathon

After the two helped her for a while, another man carried her to the finish line, which she was able to get across under her own power.

Three men running in Sunday's Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon didn't think twice about helping an exhausted woman who was about to fall less than 100 yards before crossing the finish line. However their act of kindness is now going viral. He carried her until just before they reached the finish line, then set her down.

The men told Fox 29 in Philadelphia that they never expected to get so much attention.

The woman was spotted almost falling over with exhaustion by runner Bryan Crnkovic and another - as yet unidentified - man just a few hundred yards from the finish line. 'You just see someone that needs help and you just want to help.

Both runners put aside their concern for their respective finishing times, grabbed the woman arms and helped her along the final stretch of the race.

'We were just under that two hour mark, and most people were aiming for that two hour mark, and I figured she probably trained hard so why shouldn't she hit it, you know?'

Despite their best efforts, it looked as if the woman wouldn't make it, as she appeared ready to collapse within sight of the finish.

Here is video from Fox 29, which was shared on Facebook.

  • Julie Sanders