Peaky Blinders: Adrien Brody Joins Season Four of Netflix Series

We're delighted to see that Adrien Brody will be mixing with the the Shelby clan and according to the Peaky Blinders creator "he genuinely was the actor in my head when I wrote the part". The Peaky Blinders style has some very famous fans in David Beckham and his son Brooklyn, but when it comes to his own style, Cillian isn't very adventurous and likes to keep it simple.

In the closing scene, Polly (Helen McCrory), Arthur (Paul Anderson), Michael (Finn Cole) and John (Joe Cole) were all dragged away by police to jail.

Season four will begin where the third left off, with Tommy Shelby (Murphy) receiving a mysterious letter on Christmas Eve, which sparks concerns that the Peaky Blinders gang is in mortal danger. Despite having ascended to high society, he returns to Small Heath to fight for survival.

Last season built on the Shelby family having ascended into high-society from its humble beginnings in Small Heath, and the personal issues that presented - along with being pulled into an worldwide arms deal, encountering a group of White Russians with cursed jewels, political upheaval and a truly evil priest. But can he manage to save those he loves when some feel he has betrayed them?

Knight recently told my colleague Dominic Patten that he thinks Season 4 "is the best yet".

While we don't know much about Brody's new role as of yet, Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight did tell Deadline that he thought Brody was the flawless addition. He's repped by Paradigm.

It's made by Caryn Mandabach and Tiger Aspect Drama production for BBC Two.

The gangster drama follows the antics of the Romani Peaky Blinders gang and their cunning ring leader Tom Shelby in post-war Birmingham.

  • Leroy Wright