National Football League owners approve Raiders' move to Vegas

It was hard not to chuckle as Mark Davis opined that he thought his late father "would be proud" of moving the team to the self-appointed entertainment capital of the world.

Miami's Steve Ross was the only owner who voted against moving the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas when the league's owners voted 31-1 to approve the move during the NFL owner's meetings on Monday. The club also decorates a "Raiders tree" every year for Christmas to auction off. That put the deal back on track in the NFL's eyes, and was enough to push the matter to a vote in Phoenix. That's right... the Raiders will be playing lameduck in Oakland, something that will make for ugly-to-painful optics. He was constantly at odds with the league's commissioners - Pete Rozelle, Paul Tagliabue, and finally Roger Goodell. The Raiders are also getting a $650 million loan from Bank of America.

The NFL "overwhelmingly" approved the Raiders' relocation to Las Vegas on Monday, making the Raiders the third NFL team to relocate in 15 months and giving Las Vegas a second professional sports franchise. The new stadium in Las Vegas is expected to be completed in 2020. Robert Morales said he tried to become a 49ers fan after the team moved to Los Angeles in 1982 but couldn't do it and said he'd probably stick with the Raiders even after this move. They were already screwed once when the Raiders moved to LA.

With the announcement, the Raiders join the Rams and Chargers as the third National Football League franchise in the last 15 months to relocate. I think it's the 40th-biggest city in the country, and you're leaving Oakland, which is obviously a much larger market.

McNair said, "We've worked for probably two years now, not just the last nine months to try and find a solution for the Raiders and of course our first choice was to try and find an answer in Oakland". As time continues to tick away at the current lease, the new stadium talk will only get louder. I don't know how we should feel. Oakland couldn't afford to do that", says SB Nation's David Fucillo, adding, "The Raiders have a sizable contingent of LA fans from their time down there in the '80s and early '90s, and those folks will travel to Las Vegas.

"They claimed that they would wait for us to lose the vote and then come back and then they'd have all the leverage".

Davis on Monday thanked Adelson for his "vision and leadership", saying the entire deal might not have happened without him. The NHL has an expansion team opening in Las Vegas next season. They tried to bolt Northern California in 2016 to join the Chargers in a shared stadium plan based in Carson, Calif., but league owners passed on that proposal, instead favoring the Rams' bid in Inglewood. There is little to be sentimental about at FedEx Field, where Washington has compiled one of the worst home records in the league (79-80-1), and has hosted just three playoff games in 20 years, two of them losses.

  • Joanne Flowers