Matthew Morrison to guest on Grey's Anatomy: Is he playing Jo's husband?

With Matthew Morrison joining "Grey's Anatomy", fans have speculated that the former "Glee" star will be taking on the role of Jo's husband.

Last month, it was revealed that Grey's Anatomy was looking to cast a Caucasian, 40-something male actor to portray a new doctor on the show.

But a big hint has been dropped by Morrison himself using his official Instagram account claiming that he was busy working on an unnamed TV series playing the character of Dr. Paul Stadler.

E! News recently confirmed that Matthew will, in fact, join the cast later in Season 13.

At the end of Season 12, Jo revealed all to her friend DeLuca whilst drunk however, things went from bad to worst for her when boyfriend Alex presumed she was cheating on him and brutally beat-up DeLuca. Of course, fans immediately began to wonder if Matthew would be appearing as Jo's ex-husband, and viewers can't wait to find out more details. So prepare to see a whole lot of Morrison around the halls of Grey Sloan going forward. The doctor is expected to show up in the "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 finale and will make a comeback in the fall. Will Schuester was such a nice, caring person, so he'd probably enjoy playing someone a little more innately evil.

Forget dancing shoes - Matthew Morrison needs a stethoscope and scrubs, stat.

TVLine floated the idea out there of Morrison playing Jo's husband, the unsafe man whose actions made it so that Camilla Luddington's character went into hiding and adopted a fake name in order to keep herself secret from him.

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Will Owen and Amelia's Marriage Survive? . We gotta figure out precisely who Morrison is even playing before we get around to full-on labeling the character.

  • Salvatore Jensen