London attack: Khalid Masood mother 'shocked and saddened'

Having reconstructed the attack, the police said it had begun at 14:40:08 when Masood's hire vehicle mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge, weaving along the footpath and road until 14:40:38 when he crashed into the perimeter fence of the Palace of Westminster.

Was Khalid Masood, the Westminster, England, attacker receiving instruction from a yet to be identified person (s) when he embarked on Wednesday's killing spree?

He then crashed it into the fence surrounding Parliament before running into the grounds of the Palace of Westminster and stabbing a police officer.

ISIS quickly claimed responsibility for the attack and deemed Masood one of its "soldiers".

The police said in a statement on Sunday they had arrested 12 people since Wednesday's attack when British born Khalid Masood killed four people and was himself shot dead.

"His methods appear to be based on low sophistication, low tech, low-cost techniques copied from other attacks, and echo the rhetoric of IS leaders in terms of methodology and attacking police and civilians", he said.

Masood was under the influence of official ISIS magazines and multimedia productions which are which are widely available through Google and urge readers to mount lone wolf terrorist attacks in the West.

There is also no evidence or intelligence that he was a subject of interest or a national security threat in security service or counter-terrorism police investigations connected with Luton or the long-banned al-Muhajiroun network.

One of the mothers at nearby Brookfields Primary School said her daughter was best friends with Masood's, but added: "I always got the chills from him".

Journalist Danny Shaw also tweeted that the killer was seen driving around Westminster Bridge some time before the attack.

Police say that a 30-year-old man arrested in Birmingham on Sunday and a 58-year-old man arrested shortly after the attack remain in police custody.

Investigators do not now see a direct ISIS hand in the attack, a British counterterrorism official said earlier in the weekend.

Police believe Masood - a 52-year-old Briton with convictions for violence who had spent several years in Saudi Arabia - acted alone, but are trying to determine whether others helped inspire or direct his actions.

Masood used the app seconds before mowing down pedestrians at speed and storming the parliamentary estate armed with two knives.

She is still recovering from a broken leg, a broken rib and a cut to the head sustained in the attack.

  • Larry Hoffman