Goa murder victim Danielle McLaughlin's body back home

She was found dead in a secluded spot in Canacona, a popular area for holidaymakers, on Tuesday, March 14th.

Danielle's remains were flown into Dublin on Friday, accompanied by friends Nicole Farren and Sherridan Smith.

Danielle's body has been returned to Ireland after she was murdered in Goa over 10 days ago. Danielle, who had only arrived in India in late February, had been raped and strangled.

In a sombre and low key removal, the body was brought into her home in a wicker basket coffin.

A Go Fund Me campaign set up to help her family with the costs of returning Danielle home has raised over €40,000.

Just after 7.30pm, Danielle's remains arrived in a black hearse, which was given a garda escort.

Her mother Andrea said last week she would not fully grasp her eldest daughter's death until she held her hand.

Andrea said: "I knew as soon as I saw her". It is understood a 24-year-old man has since been charged with her murder.

An officer involved with the investigation told the BBC that they believed they had caught the "main culprit" and said he had "confessed".

Her funeral will take place this Thursday morning.

  • Joanne Flowers