Freedom Caucus' Jordan: End ObamaCare Blaming, 'Let's Get to Work'

After the failed passing of the GOP health care bill - the finger pointing into who hindered the votes needed are ramping up.

Fox News reported that Poe told President Donald Trump he planned to vote on the bill. He's probably right. Yet he hadn't laid the groundwork necessary to bring members of the Freedom Caucus-most of whom are deeply suspicious of the idea of creating new refundable tax credits ("a new entitlement program")-along with him.

Beyond all of that, let's be real: Beating up on the Freedom Caucus is a convenient way to excuse Trump for his pitifully poor salesmanship on the bill's behalf.

"I have resigned from the House Freedom Caucus", Poe said in a statement.

Before the bill was pulled, most Freedom Caucus members indicated they wouldn't back the bill, as did a number of centrist Republicans.

Meadows said the focus of conservatives remains the same: "What we're looking at here is trying to make sure that we do one thing: get premiums down for all Americans". As odd as it might seem, it is the Freedom Caucus that has been fighting for a more deliberative, thoughtful approach that might yield a more coherent set of reforms.

The President felt burned by the Freedom Caucus's rejection of the compromise, a White House official said.

The fact is that the House GOP caucus refused to accept that healthcare reform was a binary choice between AHCA and ACA, probably in part because House leadership had already abandoned a first draft of AHCA. Trump, for whom repealing the legislation had been a key promise during his campaign, and other party leaders have said they're moving on to other policy priorities, such as overhauling the USA tax code. The Freedom Caucus had too much interest in killing this to send a message to Speaker Ryan: "'You have too much power'".

Scott tweeted, "Mark Meadows betrayed Trump and America and supported Pelosi and Dems to protect Obamacare". "It also probably doesn't help that the President of the United States publicly rebuked them this morning minutes before two of their leaders hit the Sunday shows".

  • Leroy Wright