Daily Mail slammed as sexist for 'Legs-it' front page

The UK newspaper Daily Mail has come under fire for a front page headline on the Brexit discussions between UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

The standfirst beneath, suggesting that the two political leaders had a catfight with "stilettos", is just as bad: 'It wasn't quite stilettos at dawn, but there was a distinctly.

So, actually Daily Mail, we mind very much about Brexit thank you very much.

Inside the paper there was was more ogling at the female leaders, with a headline reading: "Finest weapons at their command?"

Harriet Harman, Labour MP for Camberwell and Peckham, said: "Moronic!".

However, the Guardian understands that the government will offer Scotland a deal on Tuesday (28 March) as Sturgeon is to open the final day of debates on referendum proposals.

These are two women in positions of power, who have gotten to where they are based on intelligence, skill and hard work, and yet their worth is boiled down to who has the better, more shapely pair of legs?

Even the Daily Mali got involved, clarifying that their news account about the going ons in the African nation of Mali was not involved in the front page.

The cover has been attacked on social media as "sexist", "dated" and "demeaning".

She said what stood out in the official picture of the meeting between Mrs May and Ms Sturgeon yesterday were their legs and the "vast expanse on show".

Many were not pleased with the Mail's front page.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper joked that the clocks had "gone forward this weekend, not 50 years back", while former Labour Leader Ed Miliband wrote the "1950s called and asked for their headline back".

He said: "Arguably two of most powerful people in United Kingdom discussing biggest issue of the day & Daily Mail talks about.their legs".

  • Leroy Wright