'Cash Cab' Is Returning to Duty on Discovery

The show, which brings unsuspecting locals and tourists on a trivia extravaganza through Manhattan, previously ran for 10 seasons before it was cancelled in 2012.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Monday that "Cash Cab", which is expected to return later this year to Discovery, will feature a star-studded twist.

There will be a new host, but it is not confirmed who will take over the role at this time.

At least Cash Cab will be alive again, so that's nice. Original host and driver Ben Bailey will apparently not be returning. Apparently, contestants will be able to get help from "pedestrians and friends. via phone, text or social media shout outs". If these riders get three questions wrong, though, they're out on the street. Celebrities from comedy, film and television will get behind the wheel on the cab itself as they pick up passengers. Steinberg is known for directing HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm. For Norton Productions, Robyn Todd is co-executive producer.

Lion USA's other credits include programs for MTV, Fox, History, E!, Bravo, TLC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Investigation Discovery, Cooking Channel, PBS, MSNBC, CBS, A&E, HBO, VH1 and National Geographic, among others.

New York's favorite on-the-go game show is getting a reboot. It joins The Gong Show Celebrities Family Feud and $100,000 Pyramid on the list of game shows receiving new deals.

  • Zachary Reyes