Arab League to decide on next steps for Palestinian issue: Minister

Ayman Safadi, Jordan's foreign minister, on Monday painted a grim picture as he called member states to come together and urgently confront crises.

Referring to issues discussed during the preparatory meetings for the Arab Summit, Momani said the Arab League officials discussed the threat of terrorism and extremism and means to address them.

They underscored the centrality of the Palestinian cause to the Arab world and said that occupied East Jerusalem is an Arab city and capital of the State of Palestine.

Asked whether the pan Arab organisation would boycott countries recognising the United States embassy move, Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said the summit has a number of decisions to make on the Palestinian issue that will be announced after the summit.

The conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya, which fell into civil wars in recent years, are expected to figure high on the agenda of the summit, which will open on Wednesday in the Dead Sea area in western Jordan.

The Arab Summit, he said, will work on unifying Arab stances regarding the various issues.

The summit could offer an opportunity for Egypt and Saudi Arabia to defuse months of tensions, mainly over Syria. Jordan faces an increasingly dire economic crisis, in part because of the spillover from conflicts in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

Permanent representative of Mauritania that hosted the previous Arab summit, expressed hope that Jordan's efforts to lead joint Arab action will succeed, adding that his country seeks, in coordination with the Jordanian leadership, to ensure the success of the summit, Petra reported. He says more than 12 million Arab children are being denied access to an education, presumably in part because of conflicts in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

"The indications of this summit to achieve any substantial results are very little because of the inability of the Arab leaders to actually accommodate some changes in terms of demographics and politics within the region", he said. He has traveled frequently since his indictment but is careful where he goes.

  • Leroy Wright