All eyes on Trump, Ryan relationship after health care defeat

Pirro said Ryan, despite his "swagger and experience", sold President Trump a "bill of goods" on the failed health care vote, but on Sunday, White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus of Kenosha called President Trump's tweet about Pirro's show "coincidental". And why start with this if you are not sure you've got the votes?

Ryan also said he did not want to blame the Freedom Caucus, but made it clear that they had problems with the bill.

Pirro was unambiguous in casting all blame on Ryan and absolving President Trump.

"My opening statement: Paul Ryan needs to step down as speaker of the House", Pirro said.

'I certainly have not spoken to the president about any of this, but I can only imagine that he and his aides took on healthcare because they believed you had his back, and you didn't! Incredibly, Speaker Ryan and President Trump repeated the exact same blunders. It's incredibly stupid for someone as influential as the president to promote a media event without knowing the content, for the same reason it's stupid to erect monuments to people who are still alive: You can't know whether they might end up doing something that embarrasses you for having celebrated them.

"We were a 10-year opposition party, where being against things was easy to do", Mr Ryan said at a news conference on Friday, standing in the same room where two weeks earlier he had delivered a slide show presentation on the benefits of his new bill. While some Americans were able to obtain health insurance for the first time, millions of others complained of skyrocketing costs as premiums in many states rose dramatically. Ryan pleaded on one knee for ObamaCare repeal vote House votes to make it easier to fire VA employees for misconduct The Hill's Whip List: 36 GOP no votes on ObamaCare repeal plan MORE of Alaska - the longest-serving Republican in Congress - to support the bill. If you're suddenly gifted a huge audience of Ryan-hating populists, you might as well do the maximum pander in hopes of making them regular viewers, right?

The White House did not immediately respond to comment.

Speculations are mounting as to whether or not President Donald Trump wants Paul Ryan to step down from his post as House Speaker in light of the failure to repeal Obamacare. I think they talked both Saturday and Sunday at length'.

"Ryan has hurt you going forward and he's got to go", she continued.

"We will get there", he said, "but we weren't there today".

  • Leroy Wright