Thousands gather in London to protest Brexit in 'Unite for Europe' march

Young European Movement Edinburgh chairman Jean Francois-Poncet said the march was to protest against Brexit and commemorate 60 years of the European Union.

"Tomorrow the clocks go forward one our, Wednesday they go back 40 years", read a placard carried by one of the thousands of pro-EU protesters who filled the central London streets Saturday as the country will take its first step to initiate the Brexit process next week, APA reports quoting Anadolu.

The anniversary of the EU's founding treaty was marked by a special summit in Rome, where at least 10,000 people also marched in support of the bloc. The vote was a close split, with 51.9 per cent in favour.

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"We have to persuade those who feel as we do to make themselves heard, not to be cowed by the bullying and intimidation of the Brextremist lie machine papers and not to be fooled by the sense of inevitability Mrs".

"As well as so-called 'remainers, ' there are also people here who voted for Brexit, but they want a Brexit that will keep ties with Europe alive, not the kind of Brexit that seems to be on the cards".

The Unite for Europe march will end with a rally in Parliament Square where Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron will insist "democracy continues".

The march wound its way along arterial roads of the capital around Park Lane, Green Park, before heading towards parliament, where a higher level of security was in place in view of last Wednesday's attack that left five dead and many injured.

The fifth-generation Ayrshire fisherman said: 'The fact that they haven't already announced that is giving us the jitters. Organizers considered delaying the march but chose to go ahead.

Marchers observed a minute's silence in memory of the victims at the start of the demonstration.

May has been adamant she intends to take Britain out of the European Union following the referendum and will formally announce the start of the two-year leaving process on Wednesday.

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