United Airlines refuses teenage girls to board flight for wearing leggings

The young girl, who was wearing gray leggings, not too tight, said Watts, pulled a dress from her backpack and put it over her leggings and was allowed to board, Watts said.

Activist Shannon Watts, who founded Moms Demand Action, began tweeting Sunday morning about an event she witnessed before a United Airlines flight.

United replied on Twitter, saying, "We do have the right to refuse transport for passengers who are barefoot or not properly clothed".

It later added it was investigating the incident.

According to Watts, a gate agent for the airline wouldn't allow teen girls wearing leggings board the flight without changing or putting clothes on over what they were wearing.

American Airlines defended its right to refuse a passenger entry based on apparel and referred critics in the thread of tweets to its "Contract of Carriage". "It singles out women for their clothing and sexualizes little girls". In some tweets to angry passengers, United said the "passengers" were pass travelers, however in other tweets United said the "passenger" was denied boarding because her attire didn't meet the pass travel code requirements. Watts asked United for an explanation. In Barrington, R.I., last October, hundreds of women, girls and other supporters proudly donned their yoga trousers as they paraded around the neighborhood of a man who derided the attire as tacky and ridiculous.

Watts reported that two young women were turned away because they didn't have clothing to replace their leggings, while a third passenger was able to change into a dress. The airline said that its rules allow airline personnel to refuse service for passengers who aren't properly attired. In a tweet, United tried to explain that the group was flying on a United pass, which is a free or discounted employee ticket known also known as a "buddy" pass, which does include a strict dress code. "There is a dress code for pass travelers as they are representing UA when they fly".

"I have five kids: four of them are women".

"We acknowledge the severity of the situation, and are looking into it", the airline told one person.

  • Zachary Reyes