Are 'gay moments' in 'Beauty' and 'Power Rangers' progress?

The closest a season's acting ever reached this movie's level, talent-wise, was "Power Rangers: RPM", when Eka Darville ("Jessica Jones"), Rose McIver ("iZombie") and Adelaide Kane ("Reign") were part of the cast.

The popular 1990s live action superhero television series is being rebooted once again with the release of Power Rangers due to hit theatres in the US on Friday (24Mar17). The dialogue is downright very bad, the characters' backstory is crammed down our throats, the rag-tag, shakey camera angles are horrific at times, and the movie takes a good 45 plus minutes to settle into something that resembles the POWER RANGERS. In fact, in the new Power Rangers movie, actor Jason David Frank (who played Oliver) appeared alongside Amy Jo Johnson (original Pink Ranger) in a final battle cameo.

Russian Federation has rated the new Power Rangers reboot for aged 18 and over over a lesbian storyline. Since she's a singer at heart, should we expect a song on the Power Rangers soundtrack? This is where they met each other at the beginning of the movie.

The movie, which will hit theaters everywhere on Friday, March 24th comes over years after the original movie. Executive producer Haim Saban discovered the "Super Sentai" series on Japanese television in the '80s, and brought the concept of teens in colorful costumes fighting monsters to American audiences in the form of the somewhat silly, but much beloved, "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" series. This gives the film character, if only because the movie does not feel like its scrambling to relate to every demographic on the map the way so many modern movies are. I really do think parents just want the best for you at the end of the day. BOOM. Tommy's going to be in the sequel as the green ranger.

"Power Rangers" centers on five disparate, disenfranchised teenagers (played by Dacre Montgomery, RJ Cyler, Naomi Scott, Becky G and Ludi Lin) in small-town Angel Grove who have to come together and form an armored team to fend off the nefarious machinations of Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). You're only 43-years old, a solid 4 years younger than JLo and while we can laugh at her for these desperate attempts to freeze dry her face for the sake of who-knows-what, Liz, you are a comedienne.

  • Salvatore Jensen