Jake Gyllenhaal FaceTimed Ryan Reynolds while he was pushing a stroller

"Life" star Jake Gyllenhaal has been working the promotion circuit hard this week, and he was just on "Late Night" talking more about his bromance with co-star Ryan Reynolds.

During Gyllenhaal's appearance on "Late Night With Seth Meyers" on Thursday, Meyers questioned the pair's friendship, claiming that people are "fascinated" by the fact that the pair could "actually be friends". "I swear!" Gyllenhaal replied. "I don't know what it's about, but I guess you just are", the 36-year-old actor explained to Seth.

It's an age-old question: are Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling related?

To prove his point to the skeptical host, the Nightcrawler star chose to FaceTime the dad-of-two straight from the show, hilariously patting himself down as he said, "I've got to look good". Not this guy again. Jake Gyllenhaal calling his friend a "terrible" human (We know he didn't mean it!)4. Gyllenhaal ran out to show the audience his costar on Facetime while on serious dad duty. "And both of them tried to eat each other in the womb".

It did not work.

The Deadpool star called back much to to the audiences delight when Meyers headed backstage to fix a microphone. So Gyllenhaal stole Meyers's desk and chatted with Reynolds while the actor was out pushing his kids in a stroller.

  • Salvatore Jensen