Driver Sped Into Antwerp Shopping Area With Knives in vehicle

The incident came just one day after three people were killed in London when an attacker drove at people walking across a bridge in a 4x4.

A police spokesman said the driver was later arrested.

French President Francois Hollande also saw similarities to the attack in London , saying the driver in Antwerp had been "trying to kill people or create a dramatic event".

The suspect was Mohamed R. of French nationality, born on May 8, 1977 and living in France.

"Different arms were found in the boot - bladed weapons, a riot gun (rifle) and a container of liquid that is still unidentifiable", a prosecutor's statement said.

Police in Belgium apparently arrested a man of North African origin in the city of Antwerp after a chase near River Scheldt.

"A man in camouflage was taken away".

The auto was subsequently intercepted at the port of Antwerp and the driver arrested.

Soldiers and policemen who were strolling through the streets of Antwerp after the terrorist attack in Brussels of March 22, managed to retain the vehicle, two streets afar from Meir.

A bomb squad has been sent to the area and the scene has been cordoned off.

Authorities then raised security in the center of town, in places where people normally gather.

"At several times, pedestrians were put at risk", a spokesperson said.

The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel, praised security services in the Flemish-speaking city for doing "an excellent job".

It came a day after four people were killed in an attack involving a high-speed vehicle in London.

  • Joanne Flowers