Iggy Azalea announces new single

Fans are now waiting on the release of Azalea's second album, "Digital Distortion", due for release later this year on Def Jam Records.

Iggy Azalea has shared a sweet throwback snap of herself as a little girl on Instagram.

"I promise you I had my whole record done", the blonde musician recently relayed to Idolator, "and I scrapped the entire thing".

"Also I felt it was important to say; I know its been a long wait for my album - SORRY!".

Staring provocatively at the camera, Iggy mouths the word "bounce" several times as the lyrics appear below. In the motherfucking house, naturally.

The sneak peek shows Azalea's awesome skill at controlling her hips.

"I think I was definitely a little more influenced by EDM music and those kinds of sounds at the beginning [of the Digital Distortion sessions] and on my last record", she told Idolator.

In the photo, a young Iggy can be seen staring shyly at the camera as her blonde locks fall loosely around her shoulders. Australian rapper Iggy Azalea will be dropping a new release on Friday. It might not restore her to her former dominance, but it's the strong comeback she desperately needs.

  • Salvatore Jensen