Apple exploring iPhone-powered modular Macbook

Here we see an iPad docking into the display section of a laptop. An iPhone could transform into a trackpad while an iPad could become a display on this device. Indeed, we have seen Apple launch the keyboard cover for the iPad Pro, which is created to give the tablet features found normally in a laptop. But an iPhone-powered laptop is definitely an intriguing idea.

The present application describes various embodiments of systems and methods for providing internal components for portable computing devices having a thin profile. The laptop accessory could, however, include a GPU to help power the large retina display. Many have clamored for Apple to build a MacBook with a touchscreen, as lots of Windows notebooks have that capability nowadays, and this proposal would nearly make that a reality. Apple envisions numerous ways for the host device to transfer data to the accessory as well, whether that's a wired connection used by the dock itself, or a wireless connection over something like Bluetooth or WiFi.

"The appearance of a portable computing device, including its design and its heft, is important to a user, as the outward appearance contributes to the overall impression that the user has of the portable computing device", Apple explains.

Apple's latest iPad launch may have been little more than an incremental upgrade, but the Cupertino company isn't bereft of fresh ideas.

Neither laptop accessories would be useable as standalone devices, however, with the patent adding: "The accessory device does not have the processing resources (such as a CPU) generally associated with a conventional laptop computer". At the same time, Apple in recent years has adapted various iPhone features for the Mac and vice-versa, to offer users a seamless computing experience across devices. It allows you to insert a phone into the slot beneath the keyboard to power the same.

However, given that the document got published, Apple might be considering to bring these designs into the market to boost the appeal for iOS devices. According to the core details, Apple could be working on an accessory that through the use of both an iPhone and iPad, that contraption could be made to work as a fully-functional notebook.

  • Arturo Norris