Two-factor authentication is now live on Instagram

Instagram is continuing to act on a promise it made previous year to keep the photo-editing and sharing app "a safe place for everyone". However, things are never black and white on the internet so services like Instagram are faced with a problem when they have to host content that's technically not against their guidelines. Such sensitive posts, in the feed or a profile, will now be covered with a blurred out screen with a "Sensitive Content" atop them.

But, ones on the borderline will now be blurred on the platform, the official blog post says, on the basis of community reports and if the Instagram moderation team finds the content as sensitive. Instagram said that these updates will help the app continue to move towards "fostering a safer, kinder community". Users will still be able to view the images but will need to take the additional step of tapping on the post in order to see them. All these features should be rolling out today, so check the Instagram app and site if you want to try this all out.

To enable it, tap the Me icon, then Options (the gear icon), then look for Two-Factor Authentication. And finally, Instagram has created a resource page where you can learn how to protect yourself while enjoying your and your friends' photos. With 2-factor authentication, Instagram will require a code every time you login that is sent to you via SMS. The 15th such meetup of its kind, InstaMeet encourages folks from around the world to spread kindness by leaving a nice comment, liking an inspiring person, or sharing a supportive message.

  • Arturo Norris