EA Play 2017 Games Lineup Unveiled

EA have announced one of the most EA E3 line-ups possible, featuring Star Wars Battlefront 2 and many sports titles.

At EA Play it is said that players will be able to get a nice taste of games way before they are released to the public to consume, and if you are the type that enjoys EA games and so on, then you will more than likely find this event that will drop on June 10th, and will end on June 12th, to be very exciting.

EA Play 2017 happens at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles on June 10 to June 12. It's stated that gamers who attend their event will have the ability to go hands-on with the next Star Wars Battlefront, Need For Speed, Madden NFL 18, Federation Internationale de Football Association 18, and NBA LIVE 18.

Those who are unable to attend EA Play will be able to watch the goings on at home online.

Now the only question is what other games EA will have at the event to try out. It will be headlined by Star Wars Battlefront 2 and more. Although the company has moved away from its traditional press conference format, in favor of letting fans get up close and personal with developers and their games, it seems that EA doesn't have any plans to skimp on the spectacle any time soon.

As you may have noticed, EA is making its PLAY event calendar-worthy for non attendees as well, with streams of gameplay and interviews to keep gamer eyeballs trained squarely on what the Mass Effect publisher is preparing.

According to the company, that "isn't all", as it will have more to share on the event and what'll be on-hand in the coming months. "So whether you're experiencing EA Play in-person or watching online, be sure to join us starting June 10". Likewise, let us know what video game title you're looking forward to hearing about at the upcoming expo by leaving us a comment down below.

  • Arturo Norris