This Spa Just For Babies Is Creating Newborn Bliss

They float and exercise in light, doughnut-shaped flotation devices called BUBBY, which are created to safely support baby's neck, and in temperature-controlled water.

And what can you as a parent take away from the experience?

Each session costs around $65 USA dollars (about $85 in AUD). The babies even learn how to co-ordinate while making body movements in the warm water. The spa is no ordinary one, mind you.

'Both my husband and I took our son from when he was four days old and we were really taken by the sense of calm it instilled in all of us along with Nadal's instant taking to the water'.

Soon after she began training with Laura Sevenus and later became an accredited Infant Massage Instructor training at the International Association of Infant Massage. While we love our babies than the smell of coffee in the morning, taking care of a munchkin is not an easy task. The only sad part about this spa is that it is now there only in Perth in Australia. Two Indians opened Baby Spa Perth 11 months ago and has been attracting a lot of customers.

'Throughout the session mothers are encouraged to communicate with their child via touch, voice, hearing, smell and eye contact.

When some people look at the flotation devices used, they can be skeptical that the treatment won't harm the baby.

Not only do babies have a great time at the spa but also result in some health benefits, some of which include improved sleep, promotes muscle growth, increased lung capacity, relieving the wind and digestive discomfort.

The sisters are now working to expand their business.

  • Joanne Flowers