Melania Trump refuses to share the bed with the President

Once the obligatory photo op was complete, she, Donald and their 11-year-old son, Barron, boarded Marine One, POTUS' helicopter, which whisked them away to their Palm Beach, Florida, estate, Mar-a-Lago. The official word is that she and Barron are remaining in NY while Barron finishes his school year and then the two will move to Washington D.C. this summer. Every time they meet, they sleep in different rooms and they never spend a night in each other's company. "Melania wants as little to do with Donald as possible", a source said. Multiple sources claim that the former fashion model - who's now living 200 miles away from Washington, D.C., in NYC's Trump Tower while Barron finishes the school year - refuses to share a bed with Donald even on the rare occasions when they sleep in the same city.

Donald Trump may want to work on the figurative wall between himself and his wife, if a new Us Weekly report is to be believed.

Another source disagrees with this account, alleging that Melania and Donald do, in fact, sleep in same room. but they keep separate beds. It's to the point that they allegedly sleep in separate bedrooms when they're in the same building. Separate rooms or separate beds, this source says, the couple are being "very royal" in their nocturnal practices.

Melania Trump and President Donald Trump have some distance between them...and we don't mean the miles between Trump Tower and the White House.

"Melania does not keep hidden from everyone around her how miserable she is".

Is Donald and Melania Trump's marriage in trouble? She got behind him because she's the supportive wife, but she was trying to make him think twice, three times, four times, before he did it.

The lunch marked a "coming out" for Melania, who is described by her husband as a "very private person".

Family sources have alleged that despite looking somewhat smiley in public, FLOTUS is completely MISERABLE and doesn't even hide it from Trump's camp!

Melania escorted Akie Abe, the Japanese prime minister's wife, around Palm Beach in February, but "only because she was going to be at Mar-a-Lago already", according to the family source.

But other reports, from as recently as two weeks ago, say Melania has begun to embrace her First Lady role.

The family source maintains that Melania Trump is unhappy with the life she has now since her husband was elected president and isn't thrilled about having a lot to do with him.

Following previous claims that Melania Trump is miserable as First Lady, sources now tell the tabloid that this is only partially true.

  • Joanne Flowers