'Horizon Zero Dawn' Patch 1.10 Introduces New Features, Fixes Numerous Bugs

The game also had the biggest title debut in the history of Guerilla Games, and it is also the best-selling new IP from Sony for the PS4 console.

"Horizon Dawn Zero" version 1.20 update; added press and hold X Multiple Buy option, added option to invert the X-axis, item economy adjustments, adjustments to Robot and Human AI, Facial animation improvements in several conversations, fix for the game running into issues when playtime exceeds 200 hours, several progression and crash fixes, and general improvements. In both cases, developer Guerrilla Games did not share specifics regarding what's changing or why. The game is now available for any retail and online store for $60 United States dollars.

The new patch comes with a few adjustments, but at the same time, it fixes some crashes and other technical issues. The game was released exclusively for the PlayStation 4 platform and has been critically acclaimed for its "unique world design, wide array of strategic action and fascinating story line".

According to Wccftech, Several fixes are also included in Patch 1.10 of "Horizon Zero Dawn". The list of the "Horizon Zero Dawn" version 1.10 update is nearly for fixing issues rather than game improvements and additions. Will patch 1.10 finally eliminate the problems in the game? One example is that players could get stuck in bunkers and cauldrons after completing The Face of Extinction quest.

"If you encounter an issue while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, please try reloading a recent manual save, quick save or autosave from the "Load" menu option".

The developers have also mentioned that a new glitch was added via the 1.10 update and the fans will most likely notice it when they buy an outfit or weapon that they already own. "If the issue persists, please take screenshots of the area where it occurred and your location on the map, and forward them to us for further investigation".

  • Arturo Norris