Adam Wingard Hints At 'Death Note' Teaser Trailer

I'm going to find out what this DEATH NOTE stuff is all about when Wingard's adaptation hits Netflix on August 25th.

Netflix has just released the first trailer for the live-action adaptation of Death Note, the horror anime TV show and comic.

From the director of You're Next and The Guest, Adam Wingard's film version of Death Note was dropped by Warner Bros. a year ago before being picked up by the streaming service kingpin, which must have certainly perked up the horror director as Netflix does not throw restrictions on its projects the same way a big studio would. Once he realises the vast power of this piece - which will kill anyone whose name is scribed into its gloomy pages - he devises a scheme to eradicate all of those who are believed to be unfit or ungrateful for their existence.

In the manga, Light's criminal actions prompt the world's criminal justice organizations to name him "Kira" (the English word "killer" mispronounced in a Japanese accent), and hire a mysterious detective known only as "L" to track him down.

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  • Joanne Flowers