War Machine faces life sentence in ex-girlfriend's beating

After eight days of testimony and nearly two days of deliberations, War Machine, who changed his name from Jonathan Koppenhaver, was found guilty on 29 of 34 charges - including domestic violence, sexual assault, kidnapping and coercing witnesses - in the beatings of porn star Christy Mack and her friend Corey Thomas in August 2014.

Mr Koppenhaver's lawyer has argued his client was overcome by rage when he found another man in Ms Mackinday's bed, which coupled with his abuse of steroids, the ADHD medication Adderall and anti-depressant Lexapro, caused him to lash out. Koppenhaver was found not guilty of three charges including burglary with use of a deadly weapon, sexually motivated coercion, and sexual assault with use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm.

Nevada jurors deadlocked on two attempted-murder counts against Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver but convicted him of 29 felonies stemming from attacks on Christy Mack and Corey Thomas.

"'Now I have to kill you because people saw you trying to escape, '" she recalled Koppenhaver saying after an incident sparked by his dislike of a wig and decorative teeth she wore.

Two charges of attempted murder left the jury hung after deliberation and the judge in the case declared a mistrial on both counts. "I've got to kill you now", according to the prosecution.

Koppenhaver did not testify during his two-week trial. She also suffered a lacerated liver.

Mack said she fled her home and ran bleeding to neighbors when Koppenhaver went to the kitchen to fetch a knife.

Koppenhaver, 35, made his UFC debut at The Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale, where he won KO and Fight of the Night honors. He had a 14-5 record as a welterweight.

He was dropped by his fight promoter and his clothing line after Mack's accusations became public. His sentencing is set for June 5.

  • Julie Sanders