Uber president quits over incompatible 'beliefs and approach'

Jeff Jones, Uber's president of just six months, is leaving the company following a series of company-wide scandals and an environment that he said was "inconsistent" with his "beliefs and approach to leadership". In February, a former employee wrote a blog post about her experiences of sexual harassment while working for the company, and Uber is also facing a lawsuit from Alphabet Inc.'s autonomous auto company Waymo for allegedly stealing trade secrets. Kalanick was filmed arguing with an Uber driver over falling rates of pay, and shortly afterwards admitted he needed "leadership help" and was seeking to employ a chief operating officer.

There were no comments from Mr. Jones on his departure.

Kalanick and Jones met just a year ago at the TED conference in Vancouver and there was much excitement that the company was attracting top-level corporate execs.

In a note to staff confirming his resignation, Kalanick thanked Jones for his service, but framed his departure as related to Uber's decision to hire a C.O.O. who would outrank him. Jeff Jones is said to have left Uber due to the recent controversies the company has been involved in.

On Sunday, it was announced that Jones would be stepping down from his position as president of the company after less than a year, according to The Huffington Post.

Kalanick has faced a lot of scrutiny for his role in the internal operations at Uber and blamed for not dealing with the human resources issues of the company. McClendon, the Times reports, is moving back to Kansas and is considering going into politics.

"The No. 2 executive at the San Francisco-based ride hailing company cited differences in beliefs and approach to leadership", ReCode reported. That's when Uber lifted its surcharge pricing for airport protesters amid the strike, in which angry Uber customers thought it was a move by the company to cash in on Trump's executive order. The campaign flared up once more when Susan J. Fowler, the aforementioned former Uber engineer, published a revelatory blog post about Uber's sexist workplace culture and many instances of ignored and downplayed sexual harassment reports. Before this, Jones only performed most of the duties of a COO. At the beginning of March 2017, another high-level executive resigned, namely Charlie Miller - Uber's Vice President for product and growth. Raffi Krikorian, a well-regarded director in Uber's self-driving division, left the company last week, while Gary Marcus, who joined Uber in December after it acquired his company, left this month.

  • Joanne Flowers