Twin toddler tots escape cribs for a full night of merrymaking

Ever wonder what happens when you flip off the lights and shut the door to your child's nursery each night?

A NY couple shared video of their twin toddlers bucking bedtime by climbing out of their cribs to hold a two-person dance party.

The boys climb out of their cribs in their bedroom and build pillow forts.

The troublemakers can be seen climbing in and out of their cribs, sitting together on a couch and throwing their mattresses to the floor onto a small mountain of pillows they have collected from around their shared room. But, then dad comes back with reinforcements in the form of mum, Susanna who tries to tidy up. Nearly from the moment dad leaves the room they scamper out of their cribs and are once again fast at it.

Twin boys are caught sneaking out their cribs to dance around their room.


Not even multiple interventions from Mom and Dad could put an end to their party. The video footage shows both their mother and father returning on two different occasions to put the babies to bed, but to no avail.

Andrew and Ryan wait until the coast is clear, and then climbed back out and sat on their couch to continue chatting.

While it looks like the twins had a full night of fun, Jonathan said the party lasted just a couple of hours before he and Susanna went to bed.

  • Salvatore Jensen