'Thrill killer' posed with knife in home of second victim

German police on Thursday, (9 March) arrested a 19-year-old who is suspected to have killed his nine-year-old neighbour in the city of Herne.

Hesse phoned the police in Herne from a restaurant to report a fire. With one hand bound in a makeshift bandage, the other carrying an umbrella and a net of onions, the black-clad man ordered owner Georgios Chaitidis to call the police.

Hesse allegedly filmed and took pictures of himself stabbing Jaden 56 times, and then he posted the content to the "dark web".

It has since emerged that Hesse, who was rejected by the German army for being unstable, had sent an image to a friend showing him holding up a blade in the same apartment.

The family of the slain boy told local media that Hesse asked the boy for help with a ladder.

A fire crew discovered a second, male, body in the apartment.

Hesse allegedly lured a nine-year-old boy out of his home under a pretext on Monday, Mr Maibaum said.

"The arrested person contacted the police and made reference to a fire in Herne", said a police spokesman on Friday.

Her husband and sons forced their way into the house and found Jayden's body in the cellar.

Jaden lived next door to Hesse and was lured... "The picture of my stepson lying there dead.... I found him lying in a giant lake of his own blood", is how he described the scene to reporters.

WHIO reported that the police warned the public not to approach Hesse because he knew martial arts and could be armed and unsafe.

He mentioned "torture" to get the woman's bank details and PIN number.

Some 25 minutes later, grinning and covered in blood, Hesse reportedly posted pictures of himself online beside the blond boy's lifeless body, a mess of 58 stab wounds.

Pascal R. went on to tell the paper; 'We had been shopping, my wife and I. Maurice and Steven, his stepbrothers, and Jaden stayed at home'. They ate dinner and played computer games together before Hesse killed the 22-year-old the following morning, he said. At the time they said he appeared on an Internet chat room in the hours following the killing to say he had attacked a woman, adding: 'She offered more resistance than the child'.

  • Salvatore Jensen