Spicer Downplays Manafort's 'Limited Role' on Team Trump

Now that Trump is President, the comments are coming back to complicate his golf habit.

Trump's top aides would rather obscure that fact, especially considering the President's past comments about the sport and the White House. Walker followed up by asking why, then, the media is not hearing details from these meetings, to which Spicer replied by saying, multiple times, that Trump is "entitled to a bit of privacy. He may also step out to hit some golf balls, we're told but not yet confirmed".

Businessmen nationwide know that a game of golf with clients and fellow businessmen can achieve some things for their work life, but it's hard to sell to the Average Joe that President Trump is spending his time driving a golf cart in a polo and khaki's for their own good.

Donald Trump's frequent trips to the golf course and to his Florida resort have generated even more controversy given his calls for greater fiscal responsibility in his proposed budget, with deep cuts to many agencies including cutting funding to PBS and other arts-related groups as well as Meals on Wheels.

Trump's preferred course by far is the one closest to his Florida home: Trump International Golf Club.

President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe exchange a high five at Trump National Golf Club on February 11.

Trump and Abe then visited Trump International and, according to a New York Times report, played another nine holes.

Trump also visited his course in Sterling, Virginia, on March 11 for a meeting.

Trump made critiquing Obama for golfing a part of his 2016 message.

Spicer: Well, can I just amend the first one? "He played more golf a year ago than Tiger Woods".

But unfortunately for us, when Trump was a private citizen, he spent much of his time crying about President Obama's leisure time, which means that now when he acts like a big hypocrite, we can't help but point it out and correct the record.

Trump leveled the accusations of wiretapping at the Obama administration in a series of tweets earlier this month.

"Can you believe that, with all of the problems and difficulties facing the US, President Obama spent the day playing golf", Trump tweeted in October 2014. In his mind, the President - himself, he hoped - would be too busy trying to fix America to take much time off. Guess that is just the hundredth time that candidate Trump has promised something that President Trump will never permit.

  • Larry Hoffman