Sean Spicer Scolds ABC's Jon Karl After Interrupting Another Reporter

Spicer also mentioned Manafort, who led Trump's campaign for about five months in 2016 before he was replaced.

Manafort, of course, ran Trump's campaign for several months a year ago after original campaign manager Corey Lewandowski resigned amid controversy over his manhandling of a female Breitbart writer. And when campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was sacked in June, Manafort - who butted heads with Lewandowski - was widely seen as the campaign's top official. As power centers within the Trump campaign in August began to shift away from him to Breitbart News chief Steve Bannon as campaign CEO and Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager, the former lobbyist stepped down from his campaign. He did find time to mock the New York Times, telling a reporter, "Your headlines are bad". Revelations of his past business ties with Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs and with former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, eventually led to his resignation. Manafort later resigned in August, while he was facing scrutiny for his ties to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine.

"Obviously there has been some discussion of Paul Manafort, who played a very limited role for a very limited amount of time", said Spicer, who ignored a follow-up request for clarification, given Manafort's position.

Pace had asked about General Michael Flynn's role in Donald Trump's presidential campaign, in light of FBI Director James Comey's revelation that his agency was investigating campaign officials' possible ties to Russian Federation.

The inquiry includes "individuals associated with the Trump campaign and the Russian government and whether there was any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts". "I cannot say more about whose conduct we are investigating".

Pressed later in the briefing on how Manafort could have only had a "limited" role in a campaign that he managed, Spicer focused on the gap between Manafort's exit and the general election.

"With respect to Paul, though, I believe".

"If you actually had Trump people working with the Russians, that would be a historical scandal", Himes said.

Spicer also tried to diminish Flynn's role in the campaign, despite the fact that he was a top adviser to the president who spoke at the Republican National Convention and was named national security adviser during the campaign. He later accepted a job as national security adviser, one of the most important roles in the West Wing, before resigning 24 days into the new administration, after it was revealed that he had not been entirely forthcoming about his conversations with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. But that doesn't necessarily mean he's playing golf, Spicer said.

  • Leroy Wright