Rowan Atkinson target of sick online death hoax

What's more, Atkinson will star alongside four-time heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield in the film, which is set for a China-only release at the moment. "At first sight this is just a normal YouTube video from a Fox News broadcast (which is about a death but not about Rowan Atkinson)".

For one, Rowan Atkinson (as his most popular character, Mr Bean) makes an appearance, and Evander Holyfield - who famously had a piece of his ear bitten off in a heavyweight bout with Mike Tyson - gets his ear chewed in a fight. A fake newspaper's account on Twitter shared the news of Atkinson's death with wrong age.

The British comedian's best-known character gets a likely final run-out in the last market still interested.

A website Hoax Alert was quickly launched to counter the claims. The immensely talented actor seems to be online mischief's hot favourite as the search engine is flooded with "Rowan Atkinson Dead" queries. Rowan Atkinson is actually 62 - and very much alive.

He's also appeared in a Snicker's advert presumably because Rowan Atkinson wanted to buy a vehicle or something else nice. They further added, "The first one is the video player embedded in the site". We wonder what does the amusing man has to say to become a death hoax victim for the successive year.

Dusting off his rubber-faced alter-ego Mr Bean, he appeared on stage at the launch of "Top Funny Comedian: The Movie" in Bejing yesterday. Atkinson's 2006 film Mr Bean's Holiday grossed more than £2.4 million in China.

It's not the first time a celebrity has been the subject of a viral death hoax.

  • Salvatore Jensen