Nintendo shares a look at the heroes of Switch's first fighting game

Nintendo's sports fighting game Arms is the next big, original release for the Nintendo Switch, with nothing but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe between now and its launch. Overwatch is the standard when it comes to singling out multiplayer games with excellent character design, and while I think arms comes up a little short in that regard, these colorful fighters are still a lot of fun.

This is the core cast for ARMS, and all of the characters we had available to us during the preview event. The first video showed off the characters and their key abilities, but dodging abilities alone won't do. For example, he has a shockwave that can repel attacks. He has a huge stage presence, which helps him corner his opponent and do the most damage.

Next up is Ribbon Girl.

Ninjara can perform mid-air dashes while teleporting, but can also teleport by guarding, making this fighter hard to hit. Similar to Master Mummy, Mechanica's suit allows her to absorb weaker blows without getting stunned, so you can grab enemies on the ground who are busy trying to throw all of their quick attacks your way. Master Mummy can also heal while guarding.

Mechanica can hover for a period of time and can overwhelm enemies from above.

The second trailer showcases the different weapons you can equip to your ARMS character.

The Toaster lets your fighter charge it up while guarding.If it hits while charged, it'll perform an automatic knockdown and major damage.

Also posted today was the above ARMS weapons video.

Sparkies charge with electricity for stun attacks. It's faster than Sparky so use that to your advantage but beware, it's easy to deflect. The toasters are a pair of spring loaded gloves that catch fire when charged.

Players can also mix and match the weapons to add another layer of strategy to fights.

  • Arturo Norris