New Drake project breaks Apple Music record w

Not everything met expectations, though. The album (sorry, playlist project) was actually made available on Saturday evening, but Sunday was the first full day where Spotify could track the numbers. The songs get repetitive and uninteresting as a consecutive listen, but as singles, most of the songs are more digestible.

Drake's new album More Life has 22 songs.

"Glow" feat. Kanye West - Kanye?? 'Ye?? It highlights up-and-coming artists while still giving it the Drizzy taste everyone wanted.

"Can't Have Everything" - Drake mentions that he can't have everything but he wants everything; well Drake, you're closer to having everything than most.

He blends exuberant Caribbean-like beats with shifty vocals to push uncharted boundaries.

As we previously told you, Drake and Meek Mill have been in an ongoing feud with each other.

For most of More Life, Drake sticks to three of his favorite conversation topics: tsk-tsking girls he used to date, assessing where he falls in rap's pecking order, and being deeply suspicious of the people who hang around him.

Drake is at his best when he divulges his music into new, tropical sounds that differentiate from his previous baby-making-music-tracks. His song One Dance remains the most streamed song on the music streaming site.

His continuing J-Lo thirst is also evident on 'Teenage Fever', on which he sings a classic Drake sad boy interpretation on her '90s hit 'If You Had My Love'. It was just embarrassing to witness, you know?

More Life is now streaming. One track, "Jorja's Interlude", even contains a sample of Drake's own "Doing It Wrong", implying Drake's seeking to reclaim the glory associated with his peak with 2011's Take Care.

DID MOM BRING HIM BACK TO EARTH?: Drake's mom Sandi Graham offers wise words on the final moments of "Can't Have Everything".

Here he travels to the Caribbean for "Passionfruit" and "Blem" and Africa for "Get It Together" and "Madiba Riddim"; London is the scene for "KMT", featuring Giggs, an important figure in England's grime scene. He abandons his stereotypical quirky rhymes throughout the tape, with the exception to "My side girl got a 5S with the screen cracked".

Lyrically, Drake embraces some of his pet topics on "More Life". When A$AP Rocky and company dropped "Cozy Tapes", we were able to truly witness how prestigious of an artist Rocky is.

Expect to hear "More Life" all summer and see everyone using lyrics as Instagram captions.

After tracks from Sheeran's Divide flooded global streaming playlists, the LP was responsible for 9 of the Top 10 tracks in the Official UK Singles Chart - raising plenty of questions amongst the British music industry about the methodology of the rankings. Stylistically, however, More Life is incredibly impressive.

  • Salvatore Jensen