Krauthammer Explains the 'Price' of Trump's Wiretapping Claims

The hearing, one of several by congressional panels probing allegations of Russian meddling, could allow for the greatest public accounting to date of investigations that have shadowed the Trump administration in its first two months.

Mr. Trump tweeted "FBI Director Comey refuses to deny he briefed President Obama on calls made by Michael Flynn to Russian Federation".

Mr Comey said: "I have no confirmation that supports those tweets, and we have looked carefully inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation".

Trump did not merely allege that former president Barack Obama ordered surveillance on Trump Tower, of course.

Joining Nunes, the Ranking Member Congressman Adam Schiff said last summer at the height of a bitterly contested and hugely consequential presidential campaign, Russia, a foreign adversarial power, intervened in an effort to weaken U.S. democracy and to influence the outcome for one candidate and against the other. The Department of Justice had the same answer, Comey added.

"To be as low as he is in the polls, in the thirties, while the FBI director is on television saying they launched an investigation into your ties with Russian Federation, I don't know how it can get much worse", Brinkley said.

'Senior Obama intelligence officials have gone on record to confirm that there is no evidence of a Trump Russia collusion.

U.S. intelligence agencies in January took the extraordinary step of stating publicly that they had concluded that hackers working for Russian Federation broke into the email accounts of senior Democrats and released embarrassing ones with the aim of helping Trump defeat Hillary Clinton.

"Is it possible that all of these events and reports are completely unrelated and nothing more than an entirely unhappy coincidence?" While in Moscow, he gives a speech critical of the United States and other western countries for what he believes is a hypocritical focus on democratization and efforts to fight corruption, ' Schiff said, before bringing up the 'dirty dossier'. Trump tweeted about allegations that he or his campaign colluded with Russian Federation.

"Let me be clear: We know there was not a physical wiretap on Trump Tower".

Comey said agents were working to find out if there was "any coordination between the campaign and Russia's efforts". Comey placed a criminal investigation at the doorstep of the White House and said officers would pursue it "no matter how long that takes".

"Because it is an open ongoing investigation and is classified, I can not say more about what we are doing and whose conduct we are examining", Comey said. "I know that is extremely frustrating to some folks".

For example: The Democrats frequently returned to false statements by former national security adviser Michael Flynn concealing the fact that he had spoken with the Russian ambassador, and the question of other ties between Flynn and Russia.

Comey was forced to correct Trump's tweet mid-hearing after he was asked to clarify.

Rogers said there were 20 people at NSA, including himself, who could do so. "I think all three we were confident in at least as early as December (2016)", Comey said on Monday, CNN reported. "But because we are not a law enforcement or justice organization we're not in a place to make that determination".

"FBI Director Comey: fmr".

Even though the hearings today may have put to rest some of the issues, they also opened the door to further discussion on questions regarding the protection of intelligence and personal information. Then two days before the election he said the investigation, which probed disgraced ex-Rep. They acknowledged a lack of hard evidence but said that is a reason for more investigation, not less.

In August, longtime conservative political operative and close Trump confidant Roger Stone said that he was in touch with WikiLeaks, the source through which Russian Federation released the hacked emails to the public.

On the Russian Federation issue, Trump and his aides were defiant Monday in the face of Comey's testimony.

"All that really matters this week is Gorsuch moving forward and the House passing step one of Obamacare repeal", said Scott Reed, a veteran Republican strategist who works for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

Rogers and Comey both testified that despite the intense Russian hacking and propaganda effort aimed at public opinion, no actual votes in the election were compromised.

Little new information was unearthed during Monday's hearing before the Intelligence Committee; there have been numerous press reports in recent months citing anonymous officials about investigations into Trump.

In the US, lawmakers have launched investigations into Russia's suspected role in influencing last year's election.

  • Leroy Wright