Kim's rocket test upstages U.S. meeting with China

Last month, China potentially deprived Mr Kim's regime of a crucial source of foreign currency by banning imports of North Korean coal for the rest of the year. "China had done little to help!"

Beijing was Tillerson's final stop on his first official trip to Asia, which also included visits to Japan and South Korea. It's not clear when or to whom Tillerson made such a remark. The new arms sales package to Taiwan, at a time when both countries are preparing for a summit between their leaders, tells that Trump is not satisfied with what assurance he got from Jinping during his phone call and he intends for more.

President Xi, thank you so much for that very warm welcome, and for receiving me in Beijing on this, my first visit to China as Secretary of State. But last March 8, China called on North Korea to suspend its nuclear and missile activities. "If they elevate the threat of their weapons program to a level that we believe requires action, that option is on the table", said Tillerson at a joint news conference with South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se.

Some reports are describing, though, Tillerson as being more conciliatory towards China on this trip.

The trip followed a string of North Korean missile launches, which escalated tensions on the Korean Peninsula and came amid fears Pyongyang is preparing for another nuclear test.

By Saturday in Beijing, he softened his tone and spoke of working with countries to bring North Korea to a place "we can begin a dialogue".

Further sanctions could trigger a major economic and political crisis in Pyongyang. North Korea's mid-range missiles aimed eastward have mostly fallen into the Sea of Japan, and one long-range missile aimed southward fell in the Pacific near the Philippines' Batanes Island. But Beijing also wants to avoid the collapse of the North Korean regime, which could result in a unified pro-US Korea on its northern border. -China relations. And at the core of that vision is the idea that the USA must treat China as its equal. While nominally directed against North Korea, the THAAD deployment is part of an expanding anti-missile system that is primarily aimed at fighting a war with China.

We hope this new U.S. initiative will bear fruit not only in the Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, and East China Sea shared by China, Korea, and Japan, but also further south in the South China Sea.

It is also possible that the U.S. emissary may have been more forthright away from the cameras, as he had been throughout the rest of his Asian tour, in which he reassured America's allies in their alarm over growing Chinese influence.

North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un has announced a "new birth" in his country's rocket programme after overseeing a test. Far from defending the North Korean people, the rocket test, coming on top of a series of missile launches this year, provides a pretext for the Trump administration to deal with the supposed "imminent threat" through military means. He travelled to China from South Korea on Saturday. "It would place millions of South Korean and Japanese civilians in the cross hairs of North Korean weapons with few guaranteed benefits". Fisher concludes with a quote from North Korean analyst Jeffrey Lewis.

A geostationary satellite must be propelled to a height of 36,000km, and North Korea is showing off its progress in developing a long- range ICBM that can reach the United States east coast, Professor Yang Moo Jin of the University of North Korean Studies said.

So some people may feel that either Tillerson gave away too much in order to please his Chinese hosts or that he failed to articulate US policy, perhaps because the USA hasn't formulated a complete policy towards China yet.

  • Leroy Wright