Indian man named Saddam Hussein goes to court for brand new identity

While the Iraqi dictator was executed years ago, the legacy of his atrocities plagues his namesake, a marine engineer from Jharkhand. Hussain was, yes, named for that Saddam Hussein; the name was given to him by his grandfather.

An Indian man called Saddam Hussain claims no one will employ him because he has the same name as the murderous former dictator of Iraq. He adds that people are scared to hire him.

Even though Saddam-now-Sajid did well at college, shipping companies turned him away because of his name. Reportedly, it has been two years that Hussein passed out of Tamil Nadu's Noorul Islam University, but his name seems to have been a big hindrance in that case. He spoke to HR departments of different company and was told that his "name was the problem", as reported by Hindustan Times. "If the person's job involves frequent travel overseas, he might just keep getting stuck or the company has to pull him out of the sticky situation, making the hire cumbersome", they were quoted to have said.

The 25-year-old thought he might overcome this issue by getting a new passport, driving license and more but his job applications are still not proceeding as he can not provide proof of going to school under his new name.

On realising what actually was hampering his growth, he reached the court filing an appeal to get his name changed.

"I am an innocent victim of somebody else's crimes", he said.

Unless he gets the name changed in his school certificates, his university won't alter the name in their records. He legally changed his name to Sajid, including in all legal documents - passport, voter ID and driving licence.

As a last resort he approached the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for a name change, but the authorities have not acted yet, the daily said. His hearing is on May 5.

  • Leroy Wright