Google Maps now makes sure you never forget where you parked

And if you happen to be in a metered spot, Google Maps will also let you input data on how much time you have left, setting a timer to remind you to either high-tail it back to your vehicle, or pay the piper. If you hate this feature, you can turn it off. I also see no reason why you couldn't just add a parking spot to a dropped pin anywhere on the map instead of just your current location (although, again, you can modify the location after you've saved the spot). Tapping the blue dot on your location now offers the option of saving your parking location.

Although often used in comical situations, getting lost in a crowded parking lot or, worse, forgetting exactly where you parked your ride is no joking matter. Sometimes, it can even get things wrong.

In its latest beta update, Google added a new feature that allows you to not only remember where you parked your vehicle, but also take some extra notes about its location and even save a photo of that spot within the entry. On that page users can add photos, write notes and set a parking timer for spots that are metered or timed.

The parking notification will remain in maps until you dismiss it by pressing "clear" and you can also share the parking location if you need to rendezvous with someone. How this helps? Depending upon your level of forgetfulness, you can take pictures of the parking space number in the garage, the floor, row, aisle and/or color code for the garage level itself - all through pictures. This differs from the Apple Maps feature, which does allow users to create parking reminders without having to input a ton of additional information.

For now, the feature is just available in the beta version of Google Maps for Android.

  • Carolyn Briggs