George Clooney surprises fan at nursing home

Pat Adams, a resident at the Sunrise Sonning Retirement and Assisted Living Facility in Reading, England was visited by the A-list movie star on her 87th birthday, and could not have been happier.

One George Clooney fan got the birthday surprise of a lifetime this past weekend when the "Gravity" star showed up to her residence.

George brought her a bunch of flowers and a card which read: 'Pat, I thought you'd like some flowers.

Malcolm, the general manager, said: 'At Sunrise we're passion about resident centred care, individuality, freedom of choice, and we try to make special moments come true.

'She was absolutely thrilled to meet her great icon, and it was such a lovely surprise to see George greet her with flowers and a card.

The care home's concierge, Linda Jones, posted on Facebook that she was in "utter shock" when she saw the Oscar victor, known for his roles in Argo, Gravity and Ocean's Eleven.

Pat Adams told her care home her birthday wish would be to meet the 55-year-old, and somehow they actually made it happen.

The actor has been living in Berkshire with his wife Amal Clooney since 2014.

'It will be one of each!' the 77-year-old former city councilwoman gushed to Radar Online. How marvelous! My husband [Nick] and I are extremely excited'.

The actor is enjoying a little downtime as he and Amal prepare to become first-time parents. It's going to be an adventure. 'And they all just started making baby crying noises, and the whole table just busted up laughing'.

  • Salvatore Jensen