Fox News Pulls Judge Napolitano After England-Trump Wiretap Claim

Whitfield said she found it odd that Trump tried the shift the blame for his "wiretaps" scandal on to Fox News commentator Andrew Napolitano, given the "rather cozy relationship" the president enjoys with the network. Napolitano was conspicuously missing from the network's coverage of the confirmation hearings on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch - an event in which he typically would have played a significant role.

On Friday, Fox News reported that it could not verify Napolitano's claim. They say no. The intelligence sources with whom I spoke say yes. Napolitano also wrote a column for laying out his GCHQ conspiracy theory.

The announcement comes after a White House press conference on Friday with President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The British spy agency sharply denounced Napolitano's allegations, saying they are "utterly ridiculous and should be ignored".

While the LA Times did not receive a statement from Fox about Napolitano's status, anonymous sources claim that it will be a while before we see the judge again.

"Fox News can not confirm Judge Napolitano's commentary", Smith said on Friday. GCHQ denied the claim and Fox anchors went as far as announcing on the air that the network's news division could not corroborate those claims.

"Fox News knows of no evidence of any kind that the now President of the United States was surveilled at any time, in any way, full stop", Smith said.

In a statement read on the Fox News program "MediaBuzz" on Sunday, Napolitano defended his comments.

  • Leroy Wright