Experts say massive chicken from viral video is real

He's also about as tall as a toddler, standing 2.79 feet from head to foot.

People wished for it to be fake. Look at the size of that thing! Mashable says the larger than life bird's name is Merakli.

While I'm not a chicken expert myself, judging by his phenotypes (i.e. extremely large and incredibly fluffy), he's likely a Brahma chicken-a massive bird originally from India, traditionally kept as a pet.

Daily Disruption traced where the video originated.

The internet loves going nuts over the most random things, and we can't help but too join in, because you know, we are also part of this lovely internet.

The breed is often referred to as the "King of All Poultry". According to Wikipedia, Brahma roosters can weigh up to 18 pounds, but I would be surprised if this beast is anything less than 25. Brahma chickens were originally developed in the U.S. and, yes, they can get really big - with the roosters capable of closing in on 20 pounds (9 kilograms). Prices jumped from $12-15 per pair to $100-150. They've been known to reach incredible weights of 13 to 14 pounds for hens and 17 to 19 pounds for cocks. Considered a superior winter-layer, they produce the bulk of their eggs from October to May.

  • Salvatore Jensen