Elway sends letter urging Senate Judiciary Committee to confirm Gorsuch

The California Democrat opened her comments by mentioning President Barack Obama's nominee for the same vacancy - federal appeals Judge Merrick Garland - whom Republicans blocked past year from ever getting such a confirmation hearing or vote. Now, the Senate will exercise its "advice and consent" role, a politically fraught decision with liberals pressuring Democrats to reject Gorsuch.

"If you believe this has been a great plan to get a Trump nominee on the court, then you had to believe Trump was going to win to begin with".

Gorsuch, whose confirmation hearing to the nation's highest court began Monday morning, can now count on the support of one of the NFL's most prolific icons.

After being sworn in by Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, Chuck Grassley, Gorsuch delivered his opening statement, thanking the committee and his family, also taking time to stop and give his wife a hug.

According to the Senate's records, since the Supreme Court was established in 1789, 124 presidential nominees were confirmed to the Supreme Court out of 162 nominees. Senate rules and tradition dictate the rest.

Gorsuch was nominated by President Donald Trump to succeed the late Justice Antonin Scalia to the bench.

All of the witnesses that Schumer brought to the Hill last week were plaintiffs in cases where Gorsuch sided with an employer over an employee. Grassley wrapped up his statement by directly addressing Gorsuch.

Perhaps the most compelling argument Graham can make to Democrats, though, is they shouldn't worry about the political consequences of supporting a Republican-appointed Supreme Court justice. "The Democrats are committed to opposing him".

The Democratic Senators will have their chance to ask Neil questions after opening statements are finished. "Judge Gorsuch appreciates the rule of law and respects the considered judgement of those who came before him". Outside witnesses and members of the American Bar Association are expected to testify on the final day of hearings.

Indeed, this is not the first time we have assessed Gorsuch's qualifications.

After the hearings, the committee will vote to recommend the nomination to the full Senate for a vote in the weeks following the hearing. So instead of approving or rejecting the nominee, the committee will usually report the nomination favorably, unfavorably or without recommendation.

The most recent justice not confirmed was Merrick Garland. "I thought that is what we should be doing and I'm beginning to wonder how the game is played".

Committee head Sen. Chuck Grassley predicted the first round of questioning will last for about 10 hours, and joked that he would appreciate it if he could be home for his preferred 9 p.m. bedtime.

Though Gorsuch's confirmation requires 60 votes, McConnell could trigger what is called the "nuclear option" to nominate Gorsuch with a simple majority if Democrats choose to filibuster.

Things are different today, ahead of his hearing for the highest court in the land.

  • Larry Hoffman