Drake's new More Life 'playlist' album gives a boost to United Kingdom music

Views might have been the album that fans were waiting for-the big pop, proper release-but More Life is the album fans deserve. The new album comes as being first celebrated on the OVO Sound Radio Show alongside OVO founder Oliver El-Khatib. While other artists featured on the playlist like Kanye West, Young Thug and Travis Scott continue to explore their music's boundaries, Drake appears comfortable in the space he carved for himself over the last two years. (Assigning grime artists to R&B samples has the delightful effect of making them sound nothing like grime music, which can otherwise sound brassy and quaint if your musical POV is contemporary USA hip-hop.) The dominant innovation, however, is Drake's continuing obsession with dancehall, which inspired not only the album's title but also its most delightful track, "Passionfruit" (and also its silliest, given how much it actually sounds like a Tropicana commercial). While the project is still lengthy - 22 songs - it flows better and Drake sounds inspired again.

Unlike his Views album released past year exclusively to Apple Music, More Life was released on all platforms. It's hard to imagine how the track could be any better with Lopez's addition, as Smith and Drake trade verses over a gentle house beat that's one of More Life's best.

"I'm off, like, mixtapes, I want to do a playlist".

Drake's long-awaited "playlist" More Life debuted across muliple streaming platforms on Saturday. The hip-hop artist has hit up Miami amid ample More Life-inspired emojis taking over his social media pages. By the second interlude I recognized that's what was happening.

When the playlist went live and Chiraq fans realized Breezo's voice on the song, Breezy confirmed the news via Twitter. "You might hear some tunes from the family (frequent collaborators) on there, but I'm just really excited", Drake said.

This seems too much like the rapper's 2016 collaboration with former girlfriend Rihanna, complaining that "the only time you see me, is when you turn your head to the side and look at me. differently".

More Life is another great entry in the Drake catalogue. You can read a complete list of the production credits here. Back in December the pair could be seen dancing to the track "Get It Together" while at her dad's prom-themed birthday party.

  • Salvatore Jensen