Canada Might Give Recent Asylum Seekers A Cold Shoulder

The PMO is not commenting on the poll, however, a spokesperson for the Public Safety Minister says slipping across the border is not a "free ticket" into Canada.

The numbers in support of stronger immigration enforcement are similar to those in the US, where half the adults surveyed in a separate poll also said they want more illegal immigrants deported. Forty-six percent said the influx of illegal immigrants would have no impact on safety.

In the United States, where President Donald Trump was elected partly on his promise to boost deportations, 50 percent of adults supported "increasing the deportation of illegal immigrants", according to a separate Reuters/Ipsos poll that was conducted during the same week in the United States.

Of those polled, 46 percent disagreed with how the prime minister was handling the border crossings.

The Canadian government has set an immigration target of 300,000 for 2017, comprising 1% of the population.

Some 48 percent of Canadians said they supported "increasing the deportation of people living in Canada illegally". -Canada border, and one poll says nearly half of Canadians aren't happy about it. The Conservative opposition have called on him to enforce stricter border controls and to suspend the Safe Third Country Agreement which prohibits most migrants in the U.S. from making a refugee claim at an official border post and forces them to enter the country via risky routes.

Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister has been putting pressure on the Trudeau government to do more to address the illegal border crossers pouring into his province.

Janzen told Reuters that he himself saw hundreds of people illegally crossing the border from the US. "The [Royal Canadian Mounted Police] are trying to do their best here and it would be nice to have even more manpower to try and keep these people from coming into the town of Emerson". "That's what's p***ing most people off. These guys are jumping the border", he said. Additionally, 41 percent said that these migrants crossing from the USA would make Canada "less safe".

Canadian authorities have rebuffed any suggestion that the country is going easy on illegal border crossers. Almost 40 per cent believe the asylum seekers could make Canada less safe, while almost half disapprove of how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is handling the situation. The minister's office adds that if someone doesn't have a valid asylum claim then the deportation begins. Overall, in a January poll, 59 percent of Canadians approved of their prime minister, and 41 percent disapproved.

  • Leroy Wright