Apple's new Clips app creates social media-friendly videos

The app has a simple interface: a big "Hold-to-Record" button, a square-shaped live camera preview in the middle, and a variety of animated elements you can add at the top. Soundtracks can be chosen from a library of dozens that come with Clips and automatically adjust to fit the length of users' creations. The app features a unique design for combining video clips, photos and music into great-looking videos to share with friends through the Messages app, or on Instagram, Facebook and other popular social networks.

Apple's adding another mobile video editor to the mix: Clips.

Clips will share files directly to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and more.

When sharing a video created in Clips, Apple will also suggest contacts that you've mentioned in a Live Title, as well as the people you interact with most frequently. There is also the to add fun effects like comic book filters, speech bubbles and shapes.

Apple hopes to differentiate Clips from other social video apps by making it explicitly easy to use. Susan Prescott, Apple's vice president of Apps Product Marketing, even quotes the feature in a statement which can be seen below. "The effects, filters and wonderful new Live Titles we've designed for Clips let anyone make great-looking, easily sharable videos with just a few taps".

Clips will introduce Live Titles for users to create animated captions and titles with their voice.

With this app, Apple isn't trying to directly compete with Snapchat or Instagram.

But Apple Music subscribers are out of luck, unfortunately, as the streaming service's deep catalog isn't compatible with Clips. With the number of young folks and Snapchatters on iOS, I can't help but assume this app will succeed.

Teen Vogue got a sneak peek at the app, which launches in April, and we can confirm that it totally changes the video game.

In practice, the feature appears seamless but behind the scenes there's actually quite a bit of processing going on: As you speak, the app takes the audio, sends it to Apple's servers where it's transcribed into text, and sends it back to your device with the captions synced to the video's audio - all in the time it takes to record. It'll be free to download from the App Store.

  • Arturo Norris