Antron Brown will co-host Top Gear America on BBC this year

The network is adding an American version of its popular vehicle and racing show to its lineup that still includes the original British "Top Gear", now in its 24th season.

With "Top Gear USA's" almost six-year run now a thing of the past, BBC America announced Monday a new US -version of the popular car-centric TV show. He'll be joined by drag racer Antron Brown and journalist/presenter Tom "Wookie" Ford.

The series will consist of eight hour-long episodes, featuring "not just the best new cars in the world, but also the cars that have defined America's past" according to the Top Gear website.

And yes, of course, a nameless, faceless tame racing driver known exclusively as the Stig will also make an appearance at the show's new studio and track in Las Vegas.

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he's confident that Top Gear will become a success again, but that it is going to take time. Well, Top Gear USA has a Briton in its lineup, while the United Kingdom version has Matt LeBlanc, who was born in Newton, Massachusetts. There's even an American version of the Stig planned. By reclaiming the American version of Top Gear, the network will air two versions of the same show by year's end. The most recent was Top Gear USA, which was made by A&E Networks, aired on the History Channel for five seasons, and was canceled last summer. The show lasted five seasons, but it was never a favorite of auto enthusiasts.

  • Salvatore Jensen