Actor Dhanush in trouble

The paternity case of Dhanush has taken an interesting turn after the medical test conducted on the actor suggested that birthmarks were removed from his body.

In November past year, Kathiresan and Meenakshi had filed a maintenance case before a court at Melur stating that the actor was their son, Kalaichelvan, who had changed his name to Dhanush after he dropped out of Class 11 and went to Chennai in 2002. The lawyer of the couple claiming to be his original parents, on Tuesday, has said the actor has removed his identification marks by laser technology.

According to the medical report, the doctors could not find the identification marks mentioned in the certificate produced by the couple. The medical report said that a small superficial mole can be removed and a scar can be removed by scar-reduction surgery. The maintenance case filed by the couple has been adjourned to 27th March for further hearing. "At the most, its size can only be reduced", it added. Earlier Dr Raju had submitted to the court his report on the verification of personal identification marks of Dhanush, done by a team headed by him, complying with the Justice Prakash's February 28 order. They had claimed that Dhanush was a school boy when he ran away to Chennai to get into the film world. They couldn't trace him back then, but recognized the actor when he came on screens. The family card filed to substantiate that Dhanush belonged to the family of Kasthuri Raja was also manipulated, he alleged.

Superstar Rajnikanth's son-in-law, Dhanush, has been having a legal tussle with a couple who claims that he is their run-away son. Their efforts to meet him at Chennai had failed, they said. They have demanded a monthly maintenance of Rs. 65,000, saying that their financial condition is very poor.

  • Salvatore Jensen